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Microsoft .Net

AdvancePro is Microsoft 'Gold Certified' application! We have been tested and approved by Microsoft as one of the few applications that are truly utilizing .NET technology through out their application! You can find us listed among other technology leaders on Microsoft's .NET Connected Directory as a Gold Certified application, their highest rating

AdvancePro teams up with .NET

AdvancePro takes advantage of the Microsoft .NET services, which enables the development of user-centric applications and provides users with increased value, efficiency, ease-of-use, and the wonderful possibility of sharing information. The end-users are given access to a world of powerful, simplified, and consistent experiences across a variety of interfaces, from desktop computers to wireless devices.

 .NET has simplified the connectivity between AdvancePro and other applications tremendously. Our use of .NET  in particular has given AdvancePro a flexibility that was not possible in previous versions and offered additional integration possibilities. A flexibility that boasts of easy access to all your data in one location.

According to Microsoft," For the end user, connected applications provide a new level of convenience by enabling personalized access from a variety of client devices. .NET Services significantly enhances the value of mobile devices by enabling users to access the information they need while they are connected to the Internet. In addition, .NET Services allows applications, devices, Web sites, and Web services to work together more effectively."


 AdvancePro and its Database


Microsoft SQL Server: The enterprise relational database management and analysis systemAdvancePro Teams up with SQL Server to turn information into opportunity. By building Business-to-Consumer, Business-to-Business web-services the high-performance SQL server simplifies the integration of back-end systems and transferring data through firewalls.

AdvancePro's backbone is the very powerful SQL database. We utilize SQL Server 2005, which supports hundreds and thousands of users or tens of gigabytes of data. It also offers an enterprise class reliability along with dynamic backup-and-restore. It is the most popular relational database on Microsoft Windows. It also has significant new security enhancements, by not only offering the highest level of security available in the industry, but by also making it much easier to achieve that level.

A slew of businesses like Home Shopping Network, Lexis-Nexis etc use this powerful database for their businesses. According to Microsoft, " SQL Server 2005 can give you over one million transactions."




Crystal ReportsAdvancePro incorporates Crystal Reports for Visual Studio .NET and brings to your business an industry standard that changes the way you interact with your data. AdvancePro has custom designed reports using Crystal Reports, thus providing your business with unique criteria for analysis and decision making. Each report highlights the key components of your business data and provides you with a bird’s eye view of the direction your business is heading.

Crystal Reports provides more data connectivity and control options. You can integrate Crystal Reports with your B2B or B2C applications via XML access or export. You can also process reports faster and use network resources more efficiently since Crystal Reports uses multi-threaded report processing capabilities. AdvancePro users have the opportunity to export reports formatted the way they want. Export reports to popular formats, including:

  • XML
  • PDF
  • Excel
  • Word
  • RTF



Web Server uses the full protection of the SSL-enabled server, a SuperCert from Thawte that allows us  to extend 128-bit encryption to all our clients, even if you use browsers with 40-bit or 56-bit encryption capabilities. The Web-Services are hosted on our secure server and any information you submit will not be intercepted in transit. In light of the vulnerable nature of the Internet, AdvancePro uses the best industry standard security and encryption measures.

As per Thawte, they have been issued a license by the US Bureau of Export Administration (BXA) which allows them to issue certificates, which enable a business to enforce 128-bit SSL sessions in older, export version browsers, which are usually restricted to 40/56 bit encryption. SSL sessions are negotiated between the server and client. If both support 128 bits, the session will use 128 bit encryption. If either party only supports 40 bit, then the session will be 40 bits. As long as your server is 128 bit capable, you will get 128 bit sessions with any other capable browser.


 XML and Web Services:


The use of XML—an open standard managed by the World Wide Web Consortium (W3C)—removes barriers to data sharing and software integration. XML makes it easy to exchange data, and our .NET software gives the users an ability to work with this data once it's received. The problems arising from Interoperability, integration, and application extensibility are difficult and expensive. Thus by using XML, AdvancePro provides your business with a widely-embraced, open standard technology for data exchange and transformation, overcoming barriers to application and service interoperability and integration.

Unlike Web sites, which are pictures of data designed to be viewed in a browser by a person, a Web service is designed to be accessed directly by another service or software application.



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