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*  Add-On Module

The Shipping module is an invaluable add-on for companies who spend countless hours weighing their goods and calculating shipping costs. We have chosen to integrate with one of the world's leading carriers, UPS.
By utilizing AdvancePro's shipping module, the speed, accuracy and execution of processing orders will improve dramatically.

This is how it works:
AdvancePro already knows what each product weighs (this was entered when the product was first put into the system). When you have a shipment that is ready to be shipped, AdvancePro calculates your shipment weight, and with the click of a button sends this information into UPS WorldShip to check it against the UPS rates. This will automatically give you a shipping cost for your shipment- and you get the tracking number automatically sent into the shipping document in AdvancePro. You will also have the ability to print out shipping labels (hardware required).


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 Key Points


  • Send Shipping slips directly from AdvancePro into UPS WorldShip with one click

  • Prepare UPS information in AdvancePro and then send the info to UPS

  • No double entry required

  • Tracking numbers are automatically sent to AdvancePro from UPS


Product Model # Users  Price (From) Buy Now
UPS/ FedEx/USPS Shipping Module ups

1 User

$ 499.00
UPS Shipping Module ups20

20 User

$ 499.00

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