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Traditionally EDI software is an expensive, labor intensive exercise. With AdvancePros EDI module we provide you with an EDI system that allows you to connect to your trading partners that demand EDI integration.

We provide you with an EDI translator that takes the EDI orders and sends them directly into AdvancePro where you will process them like regular orders, for both customer and vendor orders.  With AdvancePro you will use one piece of software to link QuickBooks, EDI and your entire fulfillment process. By selecting one of our affordable packages you can have EDI and AdvancePro, giving you a fully integrated solution that takes the 'guesswork' out of EDI.

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EDI System Features
EDI Trading Partners

 What is EDI?


EDI (Electronic Data Interchange) works by providing a collection of standard message formats and element dictionary in a simple way for businesses to exchange data via any electronic messaging service.

Many of today's leading corporations demand that their trading partners use to have the ability to reliably exchange EDI documents when sending invoices and receiving orders. They are under pressure to reduce their procurement process costs by automating manual processes and with AdvancePro's EDI module you can do just that! Review some our packages and see what option best suits your budget and business! Give us a call if you have any questions.... 

  EDI Invoices

With the simple click of a mouse we will convert your Invoices to your customers into EDI electronic Invoices. An error report is generated to notify you if any information that your customer requires in AdvancePro has not been transferred to the invoice.

  EDI Purchase Orders

With the simple click of a mouse convert EDI Electronic Purchase Orders into internal Customer Orders in AdvancePro. Also converts EDI SDQ (Ship Destination Quantity) orders into multiple Customer Orders when sending to your accounting system

  EDI System Features:

  • Converts EDI Purchase Orders into Customer Orders and automatically enters them into your AdvancePro software
  • Converts internal customer invoices into EDI Invoices
  • Converts EDI Ship To Addresses into your internal AdvancePro Ship To File
  • Import and Export features for quick synchronization of EDI data with your AdvancePro system
  • Form-based entry of EDI documents
  • Place EDI documents on "HOLD" between transmission stages
  • UPC Code verifier
  • No complex mapping of data required. All Trading partners are sold in complete kits ready to go
  • Full error checking of documents with management reports
  • Provides a simple user-friendly environment

  ASNs (Advanced Shipping Notices) Features: 

  • Provides carton/pallet level item detail information with scanning capability at the packing station and then generates an electronic EDI 856 Advanced Ship Notice document to be transmitted to your Customer
  • Directly interfaces with your AdvancePro software
  • Allows for the scanning of items while packing with UPC validation and order verification of the item scanned.
  • Prints UCC-128 Barcode Carton Labels
  • Generates Electronic EDI 856 (Advance Ship Notice) documents
  • Import and Export features for quick synchronization of EDI data with your AdvancePro software
  • Place EDI documents on "HOLD" between transmission stages

  Documents Supported:

We support all UCS, Ansi, and VICS standards.
Currently we support the following EDI Document formats:

  • 810 Invoice
  • 850 Purchase Order
  • 856 Ship Notice/Manifest
  • 855 Purchase Order Acknowledgement
  • 997 Functional Acknowledgement
  • 875 = UCS purchase order
  • 880 = UCS invoice

If you require any additional documents not listed, please let us know as we can customize ANY format you require!


  EDI Pricing:

 EDI Modules




 EDI Integration Module


*Trading Partners


 Documents Supported

Invoices, Vendor POs, ASNs

 Mail Box


 VAN Fee

$34.95 per month

 Transaction Fees per document

Over 50 Transactions - .40c Per Transaction


Packages Available

 Additional Trading Partner


 Installation & Training- $500 Value


Buy Now
Product Model # Price (From) Buy Now
EDI Module - Pro EDI Pro $ 1,999.00
NiceLabel Pro NL Pro $ 510.00
UCC Label Pro ucclp $ 1,500.00

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