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Order Management is the brains of AdvancePro 8.0 ! Efficient Order Management is central to the success of any business dealing with the movement of products. AdvancePro 8.0 provides high-speed, error-free data entry when placing orders for customers/vendors.


Included in all versions of AdvancePro is a powerful color coding system that provides the user instant information regarding inventory, warehouse and order status.
The product is an Item Kit and is made up of other products
The product is available in variations
The product is incomplete i.e. needs additional information
All products are in stock and you can fulfill an order
Some products are in stock thus you can partially fill an order
Currently no stock is on hand to fill the order
Advanced Units of Measurement (UOM)
UOM has variants
Click to view stock in multiple warehouses
Multiple picking locations
Drop shipment
On back order
Stock is at the warehouse

Awaiting stock
  Process returned products



Order Management Software

The AdvancePro Order Management System

The AdvancePro order management software can improve you efficiency and productivity when placing orders for both customers and vendors. This order management system allows you to quickly and easily add new customers, and reduces the number of keystrokes for existing customers to an absolute minimum. You can practically eliminate address re-keying and duplication. This high speed, error free data entry can significantly improve your operations. The AdvancePro order management software is all about efficiency and ease of use. Now, thanks to the easy to follow color coded system, you can see at a glance if an order has the correct inventory in stock or if an automatic vendor order needs to be created. AdvancePro makes viewing customer or vendor details and order entry a simple and efficient process. Now you can stay organized and stay productive.

By sharing information and making it easily accessible, AdvancePro 8.0 significantly reduces your search and transaction costs. Our order management software can also combine optimized order-entry with the Internet to create defining business standard with the AdvancePro’s web services.

Below are some of the key features on how AdvancePro 8.0 can help with your order management:

With an existing customer, the number of keystrokes is reduced to an absolute minimum. Address re-keying and duplication is practically eliminated while the easy to follow color coded status informs you immediately if an order has the correct inventory in stock or if an automatic vendor order needs to be created.

By sharing information and making it easily accessible, AdvancePro 8.0 significantly reduces search and transaction costs.  Combine this optimized order-entry  with the Internet and create a defining business standard using AdvancePro's web services.

Below are some key features on how AdvancePro 8.0 can help manage your order flow
Click on this icon (where available) to see the screen shot relevant to the specific feature

  Customer Orders

Customer Details

  • View customer order history by date range, product description, SKU and PO
  • Check customer payment history
  • Use history to create recurring orders
  • Assign / select account sales rep
  • Cross reference all SKUs, prices, product names and vendors for each product
  • Customer specific pricing automatically applied
  • Invoices calculated in customer's preferred currency
  • Select from multiple Bill To and Ship To addresses
  • Select customer's carrier  details from records

Order Entry

  • Sell from accurate, real-time inventory data
  • Sales orders linked to Purchase orders
  • Auto-generation of vendor orders when insufficient stock to fill customer order
  • Orders automatically calculated in customers preferred currency
  • Accept full or partial payment as at a sales counter
  • Create ad hoc pricing when required
  • Save an order as a quotation
  • Fill partial orders, create and track back orders


  Vendor Orders

Vendor Details

  • Assign multiple vendors as suppliers of any one product

  • Select desired primary (preferred) vendor

  • Set up taxes specific to each vendor

  • Check for all items currently on back order with vendor

Order Entry

  • Select from multiple Ship To addresses
  • Ad hoc editing of billing and shipping addresses
  • Convert order to back order
  • Automatically tally order weight
  • Send order form as PDF via email using AdvancePro email editor
  • Enter detailed freight information during order entry
  • Vendor order consolidation feature reduces shipping costs

  Payment Processing

Direct to Invoice

  • Bypass pick, pack and ship create invoice directly from customer order
  • Good for point of sale collection of payment

Real-time Electronic Payment Processing

  • Credit card processing with Authorize.net or Verisign
  • Accept 'check - by - phone' payments

  Electronic Order Processing

Electronic Data Interchange

  • Automatically receive and process customer orders using EDI
  • Export EDI compliant forms
  • Transfer order/invoice data using EDI export

XML Order Import

  • Direct import of customer orders from third party applications
  • Set and forget automated import into AdvancePro to selected schedule

  Track Sales Commissions

Automatic Commission Tracking

  • Automatically calculate commission when order is invoiced or sold

  • Calculate and track to line item level

  • Commissions can be based on selling price, profit and/or date paid



All reports are created using Crystal Reports, an industry standard. Among the most valuable inventory management reports available in AdvancePro are:
  • Customer order report
  • Vendor purchases report
  • Sales reports - by customer, vendor, sales rep, and product
  • Returns report
  • Customer price lists

For more information on reporting click here.


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