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 AdvancePro incorporates Crystal Reports, an industry standard, that changes the way you interact with your data.
We have custom designed reports with unique criteria for analysis and decision making. Each report highlights the key components of your business data and provides you with a bird’s eye view of the direction your business is heading. Reports are broken in to parts of your business, such as General, Sales, Products and Vendor/Returns reports so it's easy for you to grab the report you need. Reports can be easily exported into PDF, Word documents and Excel Spreadsheets.


 Key Points:


  • Our Net Movement Report uses your inventory’s data to create reports. One easy glance shows you how much stock is currently on customer orders, on vendor orders and the stock Available To Sell (ATS)

  • The Sales Reports of Customer and Products give you a strong business tool to further evaluate your business processes and increase sales.

  • Easily set the criteria for each report generation

  • View the data in a standard format. Each report is highly formatted for printing and exporting to PDF, Word documents and Excel Spreadsheets

  • AdvancePro has reports that give you an in depth view of your inventory, that assist you in the analysis of the data from your returns department, alert you about product re-order levels, organize your customer price lists and much more.

A complete breakdown of you data enhances your business’s capability in understanding the data flow.


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