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Bar Code Software and Systems

AdvancePros order fulfillment process allows you to easily integrate a bar code system. You can use our bar code data capture feature when you receive products into your Warehouse and when you ship the products to your customers.

Bar code tracking allows you to eliminate errors by identifying the product immediately by scanning the bar code and having AdvancePro pick it up in your inventory file, or on a particular order. Using AdvancePros bar code module is different to many other bar code programs in the market due to the fact that it is fully integrated into AdvancePro itself, allowing you to take advantage of all the other features AdvancePro provides. Employing the latest bar code technology and scanners allows us to give you the tools you need to integrate a bar code system in your business today.


 Why use a Bar Code Scanner?


Using a bar code Scanner allows you to deliver the identical data capture functionality for stockroom tasks, receiving and oversized item checkout on all your orders. Scanners deliver the kind of performance that you would expect from automating these tasks; flawless, error free data entry. With today's affordable scanners available for a wide variety of data capture applications, handheld laser scanners provide the highest level of ergonomic excellence, maximum laser scanning performance and increased productivity for you and your staff. Using a Bar Code scanner gives you the freedom to scan-and-roam with ease. The question you should ask yourself is, why wouldn't you use a scanner?

  Handheld Bar Code Scanner:

Connect any hand held bar code scanner to your PC and simply scan the inventory item. The data can be uploaded directly into your inventory file in AdvancePro. You can also open a Pick List and scan the item and capture the data into the software. This option gives you the ability to use a hand held device when counting inventory or readying your orders to ship to your customers. You can either choose a Scanner that connects directly to your PC for immediate uploads, or a battery powered scanner that will allow you to roam your warehouse and then synchronize your data into a cradle attached to your PC, effectively creating a wireless feel.

  Wireless Bar Code Scanner:

In today's complex business environment, companies are turning to wireless technology to increase business flexibility and expand competitive boundaries. Wireless data collection products deliver mobile solutions that optimize supply-chain management processes. Wireless solutions enable the seamless, real-time sharing of information between points of business activity and back-end business systems like AdvancePro. Information is captured, managed and accessed - at the right moment, in the right place, in real-time. By choosing a wireless scanner you can offer new levels of business flexibility that allow your staff to optimize business efficiencies, enhance productivity, and reduce costs.


Bar Code Scanners and Systems 

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Barcoding Module ADP-BCM20

20 User

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