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*  Add-On Module        

AdvancePros Freight Calculator is specifically designed to assist those companies that import and export products. The Freight Calculator will allow you to assign specific duties to individual products so that when you purchase these products AdvancePro will automatically calculate the duty on the item so you dont have to.

All aspects of freight calculation will be performed, such as ocean freight, broker fees, storage and other charges. The average cost of each shipment received will be automatically  applied to all product you import. By using the freight calculator you can rest assured that importing and exporting products will be simplified.

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 Key Points


  • Allows you to assign specific Duties to each product

  • Automatically calculates Duties when receiving products

  • Calculate additional  freight charges  

  • Enter any of the following; Customs Duty, Examination, Ocean Freight, Inland Freight, Bank Charges, Broker Fees, Document Fees, Demurrage, Storage, Other charges,  to produce your Total Shipping & Handling fees 

  • Distribute the total Shipping & Handling fees to the entire order, regardless of the Duties on each individual item

  • Option to create a Vendor Bill without any freight charges, or duties applied

  • After calculating Shipping & Handling fees, spread the charges to your individual product cost to ensure accurate cost amounts for each product

The benefits of the Freight Module are obvious: With the ability to accurately asses and distribute the costs of each shipment, you can determine your products cost and in turn quote your customers accurately. You no longer have to estimate final costs and potentially adversely affect your margins on any product you sell!


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