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AdvancePro allows you to create and track your products via Lot/Serial Numbers. You can track an unlimited amount of Lot/Serial Numbers when you receive products into your inventory to the time you actually sell the particular product. Our easy to use system allows you to assign and create Lot/Serial #'s upon receiving the items into your warehouse, as well as at the time of shipping, making it simple to track items on an individual basis.

If you are in a business where the law requires you to maintain accurate records for each unique Lot and/or Serial # purchase and sale (i.e. medical supplies, meat packers, packaged food distributors, beverage distributors, chemical supplies, pharmaceuticals, etc.), then AdvancePro's Lot/Serial # Tracking module is all you need. By adding this module to AdvancePro you can remain compliant; accurately track each individual item sold, received or returned.

 Some powerful benefits include:


  • Receive Lot/Serial Numbers immediately after receiving stock into your warehouse.

  • Easily assign and sell Serial Numbers after the Order is Invoiced.

  • Tracking via Lot/Serial Numbers provides you with specific information on the specific inventory item you have sold.

  • Very helpful for returns and for tracking items sold to your customers.

  • Serial Numbers Can Be Entered/Sold Randomly or Sequentially

  • Drill Down to the PO Received or Invoice Sold.

  • Ability to track Lots that have been sold for recall purposes.

  • Track information for Customers that need to determine the exact Lot they purchased- helps with FDA approvals.

  • Track specific batches or Lots that are sold and the Customers who purchased them.

  • Indicate which lots and respective Lot numbers were sold on an invoice to a Customer

  • Print Lot/Serial Numbers on the customer's invoice.

  • Review all Lot/Serial Number history through the reporting section.

  • Easily Integrate Bar Code Reader for Items with Serial Number Bar Codes.

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