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Just purchase a Pocket PC running Windows Mobile 5.0 or Windows Mobile 6.0, activate the ActiSales MobileSales for AdvancePro connector already included with your AdvancePro and then synchronize your existing data to ActiSales MobileSales. It's that easy, no double entry and seamless data exchange between your Mobile Sales Force and your AdvancePro system.

ActiSales MobileSales for is a complete & robust mobile retail sales or distribution software system. The system allows for data to flow between sales representatives in the field and headquarters, which can be anywhere in the world since the system uses Internet Technology.

ActiSales MobileSales for AdvancePro is priced to fit the needs of small, medium or large businesses. ActiSales MobileSales for AdvancePro is an easy-to-use, yet highly customizable mobile system, that includes software updates, upgrades and tech support. If you are looking for an advance yet easy-to-use solution: ActiSales MobileSales for AdvancePro is the best and most affordable solution available!

  • Automate your field sales or distribution force by eliminating written forms
  • Scan items through bar code reading
  • Check with PDA available inventory in the vehicle or warehouse
  • Generate on-site detailed transaction Invoice and capture signature on PDA
  • Accept credit card payments with instantaneous on-site approval
  • Capture signature on PDA of credit/debit card transactions
  • Create sales routes or allow for centralized dispatch route assignment
  • Track inventory by vehicle
  • Produce end-of-day sales reports
  • Seamless wireless synchronization with AdvancePro
  • Do all of the above just using your PDA or All-In-One device (PDA, credit card reader, printer and bar code scanner in one device)
  • Administer and monitor your field staff from a web browser, whether at your office or on the road
  • Eliminate double or triple data entry processes


Field Sales & Distribution Features

Orders Module

  • Create Invoices or Orders
  • Automated order/invoice number
  • Clerk sign on/off
  • Credit card payment automated reconciliation with QuickBooks
  • Products authorized price per client
  • Bar code scanning


  • Credit card payment processing
  • Delivery date box
  • Multiple shipping address
  • Wireless synchronization


  • Vehicle inventory view
  • Signature capture on device*
  • Receipt printing with captured signature


  • Credit card payments
  • Warehouse or Vehicle inventory view
  • Planograms picture taking*
  • Payment Terms
  • Shipping Via



Returns Module

  • Pick up or Picked up box*
  • Picture attachment of returned product*
  • Returned items
  • Return reason code*
  • Automated return number

Customer Info Module

  • Physical & billing address
  • Phone number with dial-out-on-click feature
  • Contact Person

Route Module

  • View pre-determined route for day*


Synchronization Capabilities

  • Wireless(GSM/GPRS,CDMA), WiFi or Cradle
  • Automatic synchronization with AdvancePro

Payments Module

  • Cash or check payment registration
  • Signature capture
  • Receipt printing with captured signature
  • Real time credit card processing**


Messaging Capabilities

  • Send messages to and from BackOffice
  • History of messages*
  • Confirmation of message delivery*
  • Secure, No POP3 or SMPT technology


BackOffice (web based administrative system)

Download Center

Download Center




  • Download Pocket PC software
  • Download User Guide


Customer Module



  • Physical address


  • Multiple Shipping address



  • Price Levels by Customer*
  • Assigned sales person



Order Module

Orders Module


  • Near real-time view of orders from the field
  • Date and Time stamp of transaction*
  • View of customer's captured signature*
  • View taken picture (ex. planogram, product, etc.)


Products Module

Products Module



  • Product name


  • Product description
  • Authorized product prices per client


  • Product number
  • Product price



Payments Module

Payments Module


  • Near real-time view of payments
  • Credit card payments monitoring
  • Cash, check or money order data


Employee Module

Employee Module


  • Employee name
  • Send and receive messages (Not SMTP/POP3)*
  • Employee designated zone
  • History of messages sent and received*
  • View near real-time employee inventory*





Returns Module

Returns Module


  • Near real-time view of returns from the field
  • Configurable return reason codes*
  • Customer's signature view of return*
  • View of returned product picture taken on the field*


Routes Management Module

Routes Management Module


  • Create routes by employee*
  • View customer visit with signature*
  • Calendar view or daily view*



Reports Module

Reports Module


  • Orders report by date range, customer or sales person*
  • Visited clients report by date range, customer, sales person*
  • Products sold report by date range, sales person*
  • End of Day payment collection report*

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