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AdvancePro allows you to import orders directly from your web site, or any shopping cart that you have. You can do this in a couple of ways:

1- By using one of our Web Services websites, for your B2B (wholesale), B2C (consumer), or Sales Reps, you can upload all your product data to the site and download orders directly into AdvancePro for one completely integrated solution! Learn more about our web services and how they can help your business!

2- Our Dynamic Order Import Tool will allow you to import orders in any format! Simply take your orders , for example from Excel (XLS / .CSV formats), or Word (.TXT  format) and import them directly into AdvancePro where they will appear as New Orders. You can also use your existing website, or pull orders from multiple websites-the choice is yours.


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  Some additional features include:

  • total automation of orders from unlimited sources

  • import orders from your e-commerce website, Yahoo, eBay or any shopping cart driven solution

  • define the import parameters once for each source to be used again an unlimited number of times

  • works with credit card merchant accounts thru Authorize.net, Verisign and other gateways

  • imports your customers details and automatically adds them to your searchable customer list

  • manually enter email, phone and fax orders too

  • automatically connects with AdvancePro's inventory & order management process flow through to order fulfillment

  • integrates with UPS Worldship and FedEx

No more fuss, double entry or wondering about what to do with your website, Yahoo, or EBay orders-once you map the format they will automatically be fed into AdvancePro.

Call us to learn more, or simply order the Order Import Utility today!

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Order Import Tool oit

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