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Below are some key features on how AdvancePro can help manage your customer and vendor relationships as well as system critical information.


Included in all versions of AdvancePro is a powerful color coding system that provides the user instant information regarding inventory, warehouse and order status.
The product is an Item Kit and is made up of other products
The product is available in variations
The product is incomplete i.e. needs additional information
All products are in stock and you can fulfill an order
Some products are in stock thus you can partially fill an order
Currently no stock is on hand to fill the order
Advanced Units of Measure (UOM)
UOM has variants
Click to view stock in multiple warehouses
Multiple picking locations
Drop shipment
On back order
Stock is at the warehouse

Awaiting stock
  Process returned products




Click on this icon (where available) to see the screen shot relevant to the specific feature

  Manage Administrative Functions

Customize Your AdvancePro Settings
  • Set currencies, invoice, PO and RMA number sequences

  • Add and define custom fields

  • Set up QuickBooks synchronization 

  • Select logos for inclusion on forms

  • Select preferred carriers (UPS, FedEx etc.)

  • Set AdvancePro to work with your SMTP mail server

Assign Roles & Permissions

  • Set employee access levels based on required roles and responsibilities

  • Secure higher level functionality for management use only

  • Define and add (or delete) new roles as needed

  • Train staff in just the AdvancePro functions necessary

My WorkSpace   
  • At a glance view of all pending activities 
  • Focused drill down to outstanding tasks
  • Reminder calendar
  • Add links to important  web resources


 Customer Management

Customer Differentiation
  • Create customer specific pricing and margin schedules
  • Make specific feature products available to specific customers
  • Assign customer created SKUs to products
  • Check payment history before accepting orders
  • Use order history to create recurring orders
  • Check order status for each customer
  • Assign customers to groups and apply group specific changes to pricing etc.
  • Set customer preferred currency
  • Maintain customer notes archive

Customer Self Service
  • Using AdvancePro web services customers can enter their orders directly into the system through a B2B or B2C website (click to read more)

  • Receive all customer orders in one administrative console and monitor and control all order details and current status reports



 Vendor Management

Vendor Differentiation
  • Associate single products with multiple vendors
  • Create vendor specific pricing for multiple vendor products
  • Use vendor specific SKUs for products coming from multiple vendors
  • Set vendor (as opposed to product) specific margins
  • Run vendor purchase, returns and product sales reports

Click here for more information >>

Vendor Order Processing

Click here for more information >>

* Requires purchase of specific add-on module to enable this function. Click to read more about add-on modules.


All reports are created using Crystal Reports, an industry standard. Among the most valuable customer, vendor and general management reports available in AdvancePro are:
  • Customer order report
  • Vendor purchases report
  • Sales reports - by customer, vendor, sales rep, and product
  • Returns report
  • Customer price lists

  For more information on reporting click here.


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