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What version of QuickBooks does AdvancePro work with?


"The synch tool is great. It works seamlessly to merge all of our information in AdvancePro into our Quick Books files within just a few seconds with just a simple click of a mouse. AdvancePro and QB together make a powerful combination."

says Andrew Schwaeber of Sentinel Scientific, a North Carolina based medical supplies distributor.


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Quickbooks Inventory Software

Quickbooks Inventory Software Provides Smooth Integration



The AdvancePro Quickbooks inventory software is developed on the .NET platform that allows for easy integration into various software packages. We currently synchronize with QuickBooks 2002 and above (excluding Basic) and Canadian QuickBooks Pro 2003 and above as our products are very similar and complement each other. QuickBooks essentially acts as our Accounting Module. The AdvancePro Quickbooks inventory software fills in the order and inventory management gaps that exist in many Accounting packages, not just in QuickBooks.

We are Premier Members of the Intuit Developer Network and AdvancePro is rated '5 Stars' by users on the QuickBooks Solutions Marketplace!

  How Synchronization Works:

  • In the QuickBooks inventory software module of AdvancePro you will see a list of all your outstanding items that need to be exported to QuickBooks.

  • A real time list of items needed for Export to QuickBooks is provided, for example if you Add a New Customer in AdvancePro and have not synchronized the data with QuickBooks, AdvancePro will tell you that there is one new customer to export.

  • When you are ready to synchronize your data all you need to do is hit the 'Export' button and all the info will automatically be exported from AdvancePro into QuickBooks

  • A status report will be received and displayed on AdvancePro to confirm the file export has been successfully exported. This report will always be available for later retrieval.

The following items get exported from AdvancePro to QuickBooks:
  • Customers

  • Vendors

  • Products (Items)

  • Carriers (Ship Via)

  • Payment Terms

  • Shipped Customer Orders

  • Received RMA`s

  • Received Vendor Return (Processed Vendor Returns)

  • Shipped Vendor Returns


 Key Points:


  • All reference numbers are stored in both AdvancePro and QuickBooks so that your information is constantly synchronized.

  • You can view full Reports to see what data was and was not successfully synchronized and view the reasons why 

  • Imports into QuickBooks should take place on a consistent basis. This will allow you to keep your accounting current and consistent with AdvancePro .


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