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 Autolink International
INDUSTRY: Wholesale – Automobile Service


To support a growing customer base, Autolink needed inventory and warehouse management software that would integrate with QuickBooks. The automobile service firm wanted to track its inventory and ensure that customers were billed accurately.

AdvanceWare AdvancePro Order and Inventory Management software and QuickBooks: Pro

Together QuickBooks and AdvancePro allowed Autolink to:

  • Eliminate entering the same data into two databases

  • Ensure that all orders are invoiced accurately

  • Improve response time to customer inquiries

  • Gain inventory software, logistics management, and reporting capabilities—integrated with accounting software—at a reasonable price

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 Double Diamond Distribution
LOCATION: Las Vegas, NV Saskatoon, SK, Canada
INDUSTRY: Wholesale & Retail: Apparel & Footwear


To manage a growing apparel business with warehouses and staff in Canada, United States and Australia.

AdvanceWare Technologies’ AdvancePro: inventory & order management software with
QuickBooks Pro

Together QuickBooks and AdvancePro allowed Double Diamond Distribution to:

  • Control product inventory with apparel metrics

  • Ensure all orders arrive on time

  • Reduce inventory holding costs

  • Provide excellent management of international warehouses

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 United Bicycle Parts
LOCATION: Ashland, Oregon
INDUSTRY: Distributor B2B
Bicycles, Bicycles parts


To develop a faster order system that would integrate an efficient B2B e-commerce site and provide complete business control.

AdvanceWare Technologies’ AdvancePro: E-Commerce B2B Web-services with QuickBooks Pro

Together QuickBooks & AdvancePro allowed UBP to:

  • Eliminate double entry of online orders

  • Increase sales by 20%

  • Reduce inventory holding costs

  • Ensure all orders arrive on time

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