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  How do B2C Web Services work?
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What are B2C Web Services?


The B2C .NET Web Services acts as your regular E-commerce website. The website is targeted towards the general public,  no need for any passwords of any kind. Visitors can browse through your product catalog and purchase products directly from the site.

Test run this module by using the following login information. For more information, please contact our Sales Reps - 1800-970-9071.

Sample B2C Site:

URL: http://webservices.advanceware.net/sampleb2c/

User name: advance
Password: advance


B to C Customer Interface

 Key Points:

  • Have a fully integrated application - your Website links directly with your inventory/order fulfillment system. NO NEED FOR DOUBLE ENTRY OR INCOMPATIBLE SYSTEMS..

  • Update and personalize your website directly through the AdvancePro application

  • Display featured products and best sellers on your home page

  • Feature products per category and per sub-category

  • Advertise on your site (upto 4 ads that you can upload yourself)

  • Customers can create an account for themselves for easy shopping

AdvancePro's B2C solution is the obvious way to incorporate all your systems into one management console, controlled by you through AdvancePro's . There is no need to have any kind of separation between your website and your other systems!

With the click of a button synchronize AdvancePro and your website.
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How do B2C Web Services work?



Whenever you make a change within AdvanceProAdvancePro  will notify you that you have data to synchronize. Simply click the "synchronize" button and your AdvancePro application will be synchronized with your website. At the same time, any customer orders placed on your website will be downloaded into AdvancePro and viewable from the Customers/View All Customer Orders form. Orders placed by new customers will be downloaded to AdvancePro and the customer will be added to your Customers database.

Below is some more detailed information as to how it "really" works.

After signing up for web services,
the main B2C Web Services switchboard
 will be enabled in Advancepro.


Enable products to display on your B2C website by checking the "Sell on B2C website" checkbox. You can customize the product description specifically for your B2C website.

From your B2C switchboard you can do the following:

Use the Web Settings form to enter the number of display rows of products to appear on the site within a category.


number of rows that display products in category

Use the Product/Category Reorder Appearance form to reorder the appearance of products within a category or the appearance of how categories are displayed down the left of your site.


Order of categories

Use the Featured Products form to apply "featured products" and "best sellers" to your home page. You can also feature products per category.



Use the Shipping form to decide which carriers you will use for shipping orders placed on your B2C website. You can determine shipping costs by total amount of the order or by the weight of goods ordered.



What about my static pages? (i.e. about us, customer service etc.)



When signing up for Web Services,  you will need to provide us with your company colors, your logo and the information for your static pages such as "about us" and "customer service". We'll design your website template for you. You also have the ability to upload up to 4 advertisements that are displayed down the right hand side of your site promoting special offers and pushing products that you may put on sale.

As mentioned above, everything else is done through your AdvancePro application. !!!

To sign up for Web Services now or to speak to a sales representative please contact us.




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