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*  Add-On Module        

Advanced Shipping functionality to include BOL (Bill Of Lading):
Great news! We have released our new Advanced Shipping Module which contains some fantastic new enhancements. These enhancements will allow all users of AdvancePro to take advantage of the more complex functionality needed when dealing with the distribution of larger orders. Orders that require a more intricate set-up, such as the creation of pallets and shipments to multiple store locations are handled with ease- not to mention the creation of Bills of Lading and more...

 Key Points


Variable Weights

  • Edit weights of items on orders once they have been sent to the warehouse for picking, packing and shipping
  • Edit the total weight or the weight per line item
  • Assign weights to an item's Lot/Serial numbers

Create pallets

  • Create unlimited types of Pallets either by weight or volume
  •  Add multiple packing slips to a pallet.
  • AdvancePro automatically increments the weight and gives notification when pallet weight/volume is reached
  • Create Pallet and ship to your distributor who will ship to multiple shipping addresses of a customer. Thus you can now add packing slips to a pallet that have different shipping addresses.
  • Ship the pallets and the items are automatically deducted from your inventory

Bill of lading

  • Add multiple pallets to a Bill Of lading
  • Editable Bill of Lading with an option to edit individual case weight, total weight, number of cases, and number of pallets
  • Option to display multiple ship addresses per customer on a BOL with corresponding cases, pallets and weight
  • Editable fields for Shipping address, consignee details and notes fields


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