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Included in AdvancePro is a powerful color coding system that provides the user instant information regarding inventory, warehouse and order status.
The product is an Item Kit and is made up of other products
The product is available in variations
The product is incomplete i.e. needs additional information
All products are in stock and you can fulfill an order
Some products are in stock thus you can partially fill an order
Currently no stock is on hand to fill the order
Advanced Units of Measurement (UOM)
UOM has variants
Click to view stock in multiple warehouses
Multiple picking locations
Drop shipment
On back order
Stock is at the warehouse

Awaiting stock
  Process returned products




"Effective inventory management allows a distributor to meet or exceed his (or her) customers’ expectations of product availability with the amount of each item that will maximize the distributor’s net profits.."







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Warehouse Management

The AdvancePro Warehouse Management System

The AdvancePro warehouse management software offers a wide range of features to streamline your warehouse operations and improve overall efficiency. Our affordable warehouse inventory software automates many of the repetitive tasks that can slow you down and reduce productivity. Start taking advantage of the AdvancePro warehouse management systems and you can begin packing, shipping, and receiving faster and easier than you ever have before.

Below are some of the key features available in AdvancePro 8.0 that can help you manage your inventory and warehouse functions. Take a moment to explore these features and see how our warehouse software can help your business. And it doesn’t matter if you have a single warehouse, or need to manage several, our system can handle it. So whether you need to maximize your shipping and receiving processes, or want to take advantage of advanced inventory control features, the AdvancePro warehouse management software can help.

Below are some of the key features available in AdvancePro 8.0, to help you manage your inventory and warehouse functions:

Click on this icon (where available) to see the screen shot relevant to the specific feature

   Manage Warehousing Functions:

Receive & Adjust Inventory
  • Receive stock into multiple warehouses
  • Assign single items to multiple pick /put-away locations
  • Set warehouse specific reorder alert levels
  • Automatically calculate and maintain safety stock for each warehouse
  • Physical count overrides (allows for cycle counting)
  • Improve accuracy and limit time spent on physical inventories
  • Increase inventory turns
  • Receive customer RMAs and ship Vendor returns
  • Automatically adjust inventory levels and stock values based on returns

Item Kits
  • Create new / repackaged products by grouping or kitting items together
  • Automatically track inventory of item kit components
  • Set pricing and margins independent of component costs
Catch Weights
  • Buy and sell an item in multiple units of measure and price it by the unit
  • Example: Buy meat by the carton and sell it by the pound
  • Customer pricing based on selling unit of measure
  • Vendor prices based on buying unit of measure
  • View and change unit prices during customer and vendor order entry


Track by Lot and Serial Number
  • Allocate lot and / or serial number during the entry of a customer order,
  • Assign weight and / or cost to individual Lot/Serial numbers
  • To Item Kits and their constituent components at shipment
  • Assign a unique expiry date for serial/lot numbers
  • Use for warranty / recall management and protection
  • Meet government and client compliance requirements

Multiple Pricing Options
  • Create vendor specific pricing for items supplied by multiple vendors
  • Produce customer and/or product specific price schedules
  • Set prices based on product and/or customer and/or date range
  • Create special promotional pricing including volume discounts


Color & Icon Driven Interface 
  • Color coding allows for at a glance status recognition
  • Extensive use of icons reduces time spent searching text information
  • My Workspace feature provides real-time view of pending tasks


   warehouse management:

Pick, Pack & Ship Orders
  • Automatically create Pick & Pack lists based on customer & vendor orders.
  • Auto send pick & pack lists via AdvancePro's e-mail client
  • Skip pick & pack and steps and move straight to shipping
  • Use barcode scanners for faster and more accurate data entry
  • Integrate with UPS WorldShip & FedEx online
  • Access real-time stock and shipping status
Multiple Warehouses & Picking Locations
  • Create unlimited warehouses (with purchase of additional warehouses)
  • Assign multiple picking locations for any product at any warehouse
  • Easily  transfer multiple inventory items between warehouses.
  • Assign access limited roles based on job function (ie. picker, manager.)
  • Designate specific pickers to specific orders
  • Auto-notify pickers by e-mail whenever an order is sent to warehouse
Color & Icon Driven Interface 
  • Color coding allows for at a glance status recognition
  • Extensive use of icons reduces time spent searching text information
  • My Workspace feature provides real-time view of pending tasks

Enhanced Product Variant Matrix

  • Create product variants based on variables such as color and size

  • Assign unique SKU, UPC and /or  Manufacturer number to each variant

  • Create re-order alerts and safety stock levels for each variant

  • Produce variant specific pricing

  Enhanced Shipping Features
Advanced Shipping Features Available


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