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How do I know if AdvancePro is right for my business?
If you deal with multiple products, vendors and clients...AdvancePro is for you ! If you are tired of being slowed down by labor intensive paperwork and inefficient time management, let AdvancePro do the work for you... and "modernize" your business processes. 
With AdvancePro you will have a powerful desktop application that will keep all your critical information in one system. You can also have the ability to connect your off-site warehouse and give your customers a website to order products from you by choosing to subscribe to our Web Services.

What is unique about AdvancePro?
Unlike most supply-chain-management packages that concentrate on business to vendor relationships, AdvancePro incorporates customer relationships as well. Your customers can now review complete order history and eliminate tedious processes, in turn, allowing you to build stronger customer relationships.  

How long will it take to integrate AdvancePro?
AdvancePro is as simple as buying the product, inserting the CD-ROM and loading AdvancePro onto your desktop. Total installation time is under 10 minutes!

What kind of support is offered with AdvancePro?
AdvancePro comes with free support (amount depends on version purchased). Additional support may be purchased.  AdvancePro Technologies, Inc  provides each customer with their own customized customer service section. Here you can manage your account details, create a help ticket and check your billing information.

How many people can use AdvancePro?
AdvancePro is available in a 1, 5, 10 and 20 user licenses. Multiple user licenses allow from 2 to 20 users  to use the application simultaneously.

If you subscribe to Web Services all of your customers are given a user friendly interface customized specifically to their needs. An unlimited number of clients can now have instant access to your inventory and ordering capabilities. 

How secure is AdvancePro?
AdvancePro will be on your local desktop and will also contain password authentication, and is as secure as any other desktop application on the market today!

Can I integrate AdvancePro into my accounting package?
Yes you can!  There are 2 choices available to you and apply to all versions of AdvancePro:

1)Using QuickBooks? No problem. Just click the synch button within AdvancePro and all your data will be synchronized.

2)We can custom build a synchronization feature to fit into your particular accounting package. This will allow you to keep your accounting package active and current without actually having to migrate to a new system.

How much will AdvancePro cost me?
We have various options of AdvancePro, depending on your needs.  Please refer to the pricing page for more information.

What about Upgrades?
Minor upgrades/patches are available as downloads from our website.  These are free to our existing clients.  A separate upgrade charge will apply to version upgrades.  For example, if you have Version 4.0 you will receive a free upgrade to Version 4.5, however you will need to purchase Version 5.0 when it is released.

AdvancePro sounds good, what's my next step?
Call, e-mail or write us today!  1-800-970-9071
One of our consultants  will be happy to assess your business and provide you with a solution that suits your needs.


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