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eMobileService 2009 Features

eMobileService BackOffice System
  • Web based work orders dispatching system
  • Work order assignment of task, parts, crew members
  • Crew member assignment per task
  • Field Service Staff certifications
  • Calendar view of technicians schedule
  • Real time Field Service Staff status view (Travel, Active, Completed, Rescheduled)
  • Map and turn by turn directions to Customer address
  • Customer work orders history
  • Registered equipment per customer with make, model, serial number, installation date, warranty period
  • Recurrent maintenance scheduling per registered equipment
  • Suggested maintenance work orders per day
  • Field Service Staff Vehicle inventory tracking
  • Field Service Staff tracking through GPS technology
  • Date & time stamp for every synchronized transaction
  • Work Orders reports by date, technician, customer

eMobileService PDA Module

  • Scheduled Work Orders and New Work Orders Module
  • New customer creation
  • Customer address and contact info
  • Mapping module with text and voiced turn by turn directions
  • Predefined tasks and parts needed
  • Time-in and Time-out recording for each task
  • Before and after picture recording
  • Work Order Invoice creation
  • Signature capture
  • Credit card payment processing
  • Payment receipt printing with captured signature
  • Wireless synchronization of work orders
  • Runs on any Windows Mobile 5.0, 6.0 or 6.1 PDA or PDA Phone

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