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Test run this module by using the following login information. For more information, please contact our Sales Reps - 1888-792-3826.

Sample Sales Rep Site:

URL: http://webservices.

User name: advance
Password: advance

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  .NET Sales Force Automation


Starts at $99 p/month

The .NET Sales Force Automation module provides you with a remote website for your Sale Reps. This an invaluable add-on for companies with their own internal Sales Reps, outside Sales Force or companies who are using independent external reps.

By utilizing the Sales Force Automation module your sales force can  manage their own  accounts, monitor their commissions and generally be 'inside their own businesses' all through a private website. Sales Reps now have the tools available to connect with AdvancePro from any location, be it from their desks, their clients offices or their homes.

Sales Reps can be associated with customers or customers can be associated with Sales Reps. Multiple sales reps can be assigned to one particular customer, and AdvancePro will automatically assign the correct commission to the specific sales rep. 

Simply subscribe to the .NET Sales Force Automation once you purchase AdvancePro!

Test run this module by using the following login information. For more information, please contact our Sales Reps - 1800-970-9071.

Sample Sales Rep Site:

URL: http://webservices.advanceware.net/samplesalesrep/

User name: advance
Password: advance

 How does Sales Force Automation work?

After signing up for web services,
the main Sales Reps Web Services switchboard
 will be enabled in AdvancePro.





From this switchboard you can assign specific or all product categories to your sales reps. By doing this, sales reps will only see those products that are in the categories assigned to them.


Each sales representative within your company or from your outside sales force is given their own login id and password.

This provides them with access to the sales reps site from where they can:

  • View/edit  their customers information
  • Add new customers including providing customer with a secure B2B login and password
  • View customer order history by customer or for all of their customers
  • View their commissions report
  • View and print customer price lists
  • View inventory levels per product
  • Utilize the order console from which they can place customer orders
  • Adjust pricing on orders (permission set up within AdvancePro)

  • Whenever you make a change within AdvanceProAdvancePro  will notify you that you have data to synchronize.
  • Simply click the "synchronize" button and your AdvancePro application will be synchronized with your website.
  • At the same time, any customer orders by your sales reps will be downloaded into AdvancePro and viewable from the Customers/View All Customer Orders form.
  • New customer information as well as changes to existing customer information made by your sales reps will also be synchronized with AdvancePro.
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