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AdvancePro is used by a wide range of customers, from different industries, backgrounds and sizes of business. We appreciate that our customers have different preferences regarding price structure. Therefore we are committed to helping you find the AdvancePro price package that makes the most sense for you.
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The AdvanceCare Customer Care Program

What is ACCP?
ACCP is an acronym for the AdvancePro Customer Care Program. There are great benefits to being a member of the program which includes unlimited technical support Our commitment is to provide a response within 2 hours of placing your call or ticket, all patches are now FREE and discounts on new version upgrades and modules. No Charge initial discovery on customizations, and the APT knowledge base.

ACCP is extremely important as it ensures that the support for AdavncePro technologies will always be available to you. This means that as an APT customer and member of ACCP you are guaranteed to always have the support you need for your most important business application. The ACCP is a responsible response to the APT community to ensure that the support and development function of the company is fully sustainable for the future.

ACCP is a minimum of $99 per month to a maximum of 30% of the APT V.9 purchase price.

Is ACCP Mandatory?
For Standard users ACCP is optional, for Professional users ACCP is mandatory in the first year of purchase and for Premier ACCP is mandatory.

What are the benefits of ACCP?

  • Unlimited technical support (some conditions may apply)
  • 2 Hour priority response time
  • Discounts on New Version releases
  • No Charge on minor Upgrades and Patches
  • 50 % Discount on Professional Services (excluding customization)
  • Access to the Knowledge base
  • Newsletters
    • Access to the marketplace
    • CEO Web and Learn
    • .. And more great benefits coming your way soon

YOU are part of the Dynamic and Growing AdvancePro Family, and we are happy to have you on board!


Upgrade between all versions seamlessly. Please call with any questions: 1 800 970-9071



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