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Price Management

AdvanceWare Price Management Software

AdvancePro helps companies better manage pricing and discounts through its flexible and robust feature set. These features offer a wide range of possibilities for pricing, discounting and currency acceptance methods.

AdvancePro’s multi-tier pricing options enables a quick response to product cost changes, customer-based pricing initiatives, and calendar-based sales. On the first tier, pricing can be assigned either to individual products or categories of products. On the second, individual customers or groups of customers can have special pricing applied to them. Finally, global discounts can be applied on a time-limited basis to accommodate for seasonal or periodic promotions.

Volume discounts can be applied when a Customer purchases over a chosen level.

With AdvancePro, payment can be accepted in multiple currencies, and automatically converted into the currency of your choice.

If AdvanceWare’s B2C web services are being used, promotional codes can be accepted from our securely-hosted website, for the purposes of offering special online discounts to consumers.

  • Create multiple levels of pricing exceptions

  • Assign pricing by Customer Groups

  • Assign pricing either by individual product or a category of products

  • Assign a % discount or markup

  • Lock your pricing exceptions against future changes

These are just a few of the many pricing and discount management capabilities provided by AdvancePro. If you would like to learn about more, please call one of our friendly and knowledgeable Sales Reps today @ 1-888-792-3826. We can answer your questions, or take you through a live, one-on-one online demo. Or, you can order a free trial of AdvancePro.



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