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Effective purchasing management is required for companies to control their costs of inventory, and to ensure proper order fulfillment. AdvancePro provides the necessary tools for companies to buy the right products or raw material from the right vendor, in the right quantity, at the right time, and at the right price.

Within AdvancePro, each inventory item can be assigned multiple vendors, enabling side-by-side price comparisons. If an inventory item falls below minimum re-order amount, a notification is triggered automatically. This reduces the possibility of stock-outs. ETAs can be entered per line item on an order, for more accurate operations management. Also, items that are on back order from the vendor are designated as such on the customer order. Vendor Purchase Orders can also be assigned and tracked as Jobs, for better project management efficiency.

On the receiving side, inventory can be received into multiple warehouses. Items can be bought and received in multiple Units of Measure. Drop shipments can be executed with one click in the drop-ship box on the Vendor Order, sending the product directly from the vendor to the customer. Freight charges can be assigned to an item to calculate the true landed cost.

The flexibility and power of AdvancePro’s purchasing engine provides the edge needed for companies to excel in all of their buying and selling.

  • Assign multiple vendors per item

  • Create and receive inventory into multiple warehouses

  • Automated trigger to notify if order below minimum re-order level

  • Assign ETA per line item

  • Convert VPOs into Back Orders

  • Change Cost Price on the fly

  • Buy and receive items in multiple Units Of Measure (UOMs)

  • Assign and track VPOs by jobs

  • Process Drop Ship Orders

  • View detailed order history per line item

  • Assign freight to calculate landed costs

  • Choose to create bills with freight or without freight

  • Enter detailed cargo information on Vendor Orders

These are a small sample of the many purchasing management features available in AdvancePro. To learn about more, please call one of our friendly and knowledgeable Sales Reps @ 1-888-792-3826. We can answer your questions, or take you through a live, one-on-one online demo. Or, you can order a free trial of AdvancePro.



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