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We could try to impress you with executive biographies, mission statements and all that other Fortune 500 style bafflegab. But, if you're like us you've seen it all before and quite frankly find it just plain boring. So, we'll tell you the important stuff - the stuff you want to know and should know before you buy into any software system.

Business Model:
Develop easy to use affordable software for inventory and order management                 incorporating features of tier one warehouse management applications.
Automate supply chain transactions, improve workflow and maximize user profits
Add accounting modules to create ERP that delivers market leading ROI

Years In Business: 8
Locations: New York &  Toronto
Development Team: full time - not contract or sub contract
Total Users: 3000 +
Support: direct - Mon - Fri
                 9 AM to 5 PM EST
Release Schedule: new version every 12 - 16 months
                                    incremental updates - monthly
Target Market:
small to medium sized distributors, wholesalers, resellers, web retailers, light manufacturers & assemblers

Technology Partners

Premier Members of Intuit Developer Network (rated '5 Stars' by QuickBooks Solutions Marketplace)
Microsoft: .
'Gold Certified' application - read Microsoft's' AdvancePro case study here
AdvancePro uses Microsoft's SQL database 
Crystal Reports:
AdvancePro incorporates Crystal Reports for Visual Studio .NET
SuperCert from Thawte allows use of 128-bit browser independent encryption
Authorizenet & VeriSign:
AdvancePro incorporates both of these automated payment processing, e-commerce merchant service providers services




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