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E-Commerce: Time to Think Again

For Immediate Release - AdvanceWare Makes Personal Contact Paramount in New AdvanceCare Customer Service & Support Program
AdvanceWare Solutions Inc. is implementing a new ground breaking approach to software customer support. AdvanceCare bucks the trend towards web based, self service support programs favored by most companies and makes personal customer contact its cornerstone.

AdvancePro Product Evaluation - 9/26/2005
AdvancePro Product Evaluation - 9/26/2005
Conducted For: Intuit
Performed By: Inga Arendt, CPA, WIPFLI, LLP
Overall Rating: 9.0

AdvancePro`s 5.0 covered by Frontline Magazine
Frontline Magazine, a major supply chain and technology publication, has chosen to highlight AdvancePro.

May 5, 2005: AdvanceWare Solutions launches AdvancePro version 5.0
AdvanceWare releases AdvancePro 5.0, an Affordable Inventory and Order Management Solution specifically designed for SMEs

Read Case Study by Microsoft to increase efficiency using AdvancePro - .NET-Connected Partners

View this review on the Microsoft .NET website

"AdvancePro has been the key component in allowing our operational staff to reduce time spent on inventory tasks to such an extent that they now have additional time to spend on customer satisfaction and the development of new business."
Philippe Erramuzpe, President, Natural Cork

For Immediate Release : AdvancePro launches a breakthrough Sales Force Automation Module.
AdvanceWare Solutions, Inc. adds Sales Force Automation to AdvancePro and opens up a Canadian office to better service the needs of small/medium sized companies across North America.

For Immediate Release : AdvancePro awarded .NET Gold certification
AdvancePro, AdvanceWare Solutions, Inc’s inventory & order management solution for small to medium businesses have released their EDI (Electronic Data Interchange) module, as well as being awarded with Microsoft’s .NET Gold Certification, the highest level for .NET connected applications.

AdvancePro receives the highest rating out of 10 software packages reviewed...
AdvancePro has been given the highest overall rating against 10 of our
competitors by the highly respected independent `Most Popular Brands` review!

How AdvancePro was given life.....
Hi, my name is Gary Durbach and allow me to tell you the real story of how AdvancePro came about without all the technical jargon...


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